Friday, January 28, 2011

My Brain Is Melting With Knowledge. Plus I Can't Stop Reading.

So, this week is exam week, and I've studied so much I feel like my brain is melting. I've already finished my Science, Vocal, and today I did my Geogs exam, and I already want to kill myself. On Monday all I have left is French and then the new semester awaits me. I'm uber excited because of the fact that two of my teachers are crazy artsies and I love them to death. And the good thing is that because of the fact that I have my two IAP (Integrated Arts Program) classes next semester, I only have two exams, a-booyah. 

Other events in the intriguing life of Kathleen would be that I've been reading an atrocious amount of fanfiction for the movie 'Labyrinth.' You know, the one with David Bowie and his huge bulge. Look it up, it may scar you. For life. Anyway, I keep downloading all these fanfics and locking myself in my room to read them. My room is like my lair of literature, plus a lot of music by Pat Benatar being played. If you don't know who that is, I advise you to look her up, she's amazing. 

One thing that is stressing me out is that in February, I have four concerts, two at the Centre In The Square, one at the Conrad Centre, and then another one with my school choir, and its so nerve-wracking because I'm probably going to be singing like four days a week. I will be tired as hell, too.

Oh, and another thing, I will forever be quoting this:

"William Shakespeare could write a grocery list and it would still be deep and entertaining."

That is all.


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Friday, November 05, 2010

Trying To Figure Out Whether Or Not Someone Takes Over My Body When I Write Fanfiction...

So, hi guys. If you didn't already know (I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in any of my earlier posts) but I write FanFiction, which is stories for a website called It is for anyone who wants to rearrange the plots of any book, tv show, movie, anime, video game, etc; in the universe. Personally, I write for Vampire Academy (I have about two stories for Twilight, but let's not talk about those.) and it's funny to me that I can read my own FanFics, remember the process I went through to write them, and then not being convinced that me, my actual self wrote these stories, because they seem so far beyond the abilities that I believe I have when it comes to writing. Sure, my Twi stories are HORRIBLE just for the simple fact that its Twi. And then I'm very fond of (most of) my VA fics, because Vampire Academy is amazing, and the characters are amazing, and shall I go on? 
Any way, I think that when I write stories, someone takes over my body and writes stories instead of me sitting in front of my laptop for three hours until four in the morning, drinking tea and gulping sugar so I can stay awake and keep writing. It may seem crazy, but, I don't care. People like my fics, whether or not they are potentially written by me :D 
This has been a worthless post.
That is all.

Song Of My Week (Life)

Hey, so here is the song that I am dedicating to this week, hell, this lifetime. This is a song from a Disney movie that touches my heart in more ways than one. And it is 'He Lives In You' from 'The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride.' Personally, the movie isn't that great. Disney sequels are usually horrible, but anyway, I listen to two different versions of this song, one is the soundtrack one from the movie, and the second is the Broadway version. The Broadway version has to be my favourite, because it is amazing and I can listen to it over and over again, so be a good person and LISTEN TO BOTH OF THEM AND THEN REMEMBER WHEN MUFASA DIES, AND THEN SIT IN THE DARK LISTENING TO THIS SONG OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN CRYING YOUR EYES OUT. DO IT.
Any who, here are the links for both versions :D

1. Broadway
2. Soundtrack

(pause for moment when you think of the Stride commercials...)

Monday, July 19, 2010

I. Am. So. ITCHYYYYYYYYYY. That is all.

Hey guys! So, just got back from summer camp, which was a week long, and I am covered in mosquito bites, yayyy!!!!! *grumble* no but seriously, I volunteered in the kitchen for 12 hours a day and I do not understand how I got mosquito bites if I only went outside to walk to my cabin, which took about two and a half minutes each time. The wilderness. Not the place for me.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

I, my friends, am an academic fail. Among other things.

Ya, well, finished the stupid proj, probably gonna get a bad mark because I know it time I'll try to do it first thing after school. Ah, hell, it's not gonna happen and we all know that. Nighty night, bloggy.

My Name Is Kathleen And I Am A Procrastinator.

Hey guys, guess what I'm doing this late? A project you say? Kathleen, this seems to be happening a lot lately, don't you ever do your homework? Sadly, the answer is, no. I don't. I mean I do, but usually not until the day it's due or right before we have to hand it in. I get it done, it just turns out not to be that spectacular... :D

Anyway, I have to do this history proj on Canada's industrialization, which happened around 1901, and I have two subtopics to work on, Sudbury and Industrialization itself, woo! 

I think I should do my homework more often. But that shit takes time and time is something I like to spend reading, writing, listening to 80s music and talking to mah mommeh. Well, g'night, see you when I'm done.

try and find me.

Little girl on a street corner
Begging for something to eat
On the inside she's afraid
Of whom she might meet
School boys walking
They used to make her cry
When one day her tears
Ran dry…

Don't leave us on the ground
Why am I lost but never found?
Wipe tears from my eyes
And hear the earth cry
I know you won't mourn for me
Just please,
Set me free

People are dying slowly
These days seem so lonely
Don't know what to do
Don't know what to do
I'm just lost in my own world
Trying to forget ours
'Cause it's not worth remembering

Don't leave me on the ground
I'm just lost but never found
Wipe the tears from my eyes
And hear the earth cry
Why won't you mourn for me?
Set me free
(Set me free)

Our world is far from immaculate
Why can't I find myself within it?
Help me choose
Help me choose
(Choose, choose, choose)
Will anyone hear me?
Take the pain away!

Take back your perfect world
And don't give me your word
Because you'll break it
I know you will

Don't leave us on the ground
Why am I lost but never found
(Will anyone find me?)
Wipe tears from my eyes
And hear the earth cry
(I'm crying)
I know you won't mourn for me
(Why, oh why?)
Just please,
Set me free

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Strapless Bras Are Painful.

Okay, so I'm in this performance of Mulan and I'm allowed to wear a tank top but I can't have bra straps showing, so I'm wearing this tight silky strapless bra that's too lacy to be some sort of article of clothing and it's squishing my chest and my, er, stuff together and it's fricking painful and I feel like after dancing and moving around it's gonna hurt like a bitch in the morning. So, thought I'd share that...:)

Monday, May 31, 2010


Hey guys. So I'm presenting my two new favorite songs of the week, one that's from the 80s or something like that and the other is just something I can't help but listen to over and over again. 

1. Love Shack - The B52's 

2. Beth - Kiss (Glee Version) 

Ya, so there you's go. Au revoir. Odds are I'm gonna post a lot more stuff on tonight because momma's outta town and her computer is free. shhh....
Everyday is a new end
Everyday is a new death
Everyday I know what's coming
Everyday I still stay strong
Everyday you walk in
Everyday you deceive me
Everyday I know who you are
Everyday I should push you away
Everyday...I don't
Everyday I don't want sorrow

Everyyear is a new beginning
Everyyear is rebirth
Everyyear is surprise
Everyyear is a breakdown
Everyyear someone comes into your life
Everyyear you can't stand them
Everyyear there is a stranger
Everyyear you let them in
Everyyear...they walk away
Everyyear you get happiness

Everylife is someone's cemetery
Everylife is a person's first & last breath
Everylife is someone's remembrance
Everylife is beauty
Everylife you find the other half of your heart
Everylife your too broken to let them go
Everylife you meet someone new
Everylife you can't help but do them wrong
Everylife...they are the ones to leave you
Everylife is someone's adventure.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hola, what's up people of the internet, or, just my Wife because she is the only person who follows me. Wow, that sentence sounded very stalker-ish in my mind. No, but, I got bored and I printed out all these pictures of things I love (Ron Weasley, Carlisle, BTVS, Angel) and I taped them onto my binder, I just printed out some new ones, which I'll put pictures on the bottom of post, which two of them have the ThunderCats logo and the other with all the characters from ThunderCats (Lion-O, Cheetara, Tigra, Panthro, Wilykit, Wilycat {they're twins}, Snarf, Jaga) and then the other is a picniked quote from Vampire Academy: Blood Promise.